Freshman bowler returns with silver from PABCON Tournament


Joseph Barringhaus

Cortez Schenck earned a silver medal in the PABCON Tournament.

Cortez Schenck has wanted to bowl for Wichita State since he was 10. The freshman’s dream came true this year when he made the 2017-2018 Shocker Bowling roster.

“[Bowling at WSU] has been a dream of mine for a while,” Schenck said. “You hear people saying ‘Wichita State is a powerhouse. They are the best of the best.’”

The Shocker Bowling season begins in October, but Schenck recently took his talents to Mexico, where he competed in the PABCON Tournament as a member of the junior Team USA.

He came back from Mexico with a bronze in doubles and team and a silver in the singles “all event” in which all of his games were added up. He averaged 206/207 for the week.

“It was very nerve wracking,” Schenck said. “The format is set up, you have to bowl good every day. It’s a grind.”

Schenck said he was honored to be a part of Team USA.

“You always gotta remember you’re bowling for more than just yourself,” Schenck said. “You’re bowling for a team and an organization.”

Schenck has been bowling since the age of nine, and competing in tournaments nearly every weekend.

Wichita State Bowling Head Coach Gordon Vadakin said he was drawn to Schenck’s extensive bowling experience, including his spot on the junior Team USA roster. Schenck has been a member of the junior Team USA for two years now.

“He comes in with a wealth of experience. He’s very experienced in pressured situations,” Vadakin said. “He’s experienced with a variety of lane conditions which are really a challenge in our sport.”

Along with Schenck’s experience, Vadakin said he appreciates the mental attitude Schenck brings to the team.

“He brings a good mental attitude and calmness in him and the ability to keep not just himself calm, but also keep his teammates,” Vadakin said. “He’s impressed me as someone who is all in and wants to learn and be a part of the team.”