Wichita’s Bridegeist to Release EP

Local ­metal foursome Bridegeist will take the stage at Barleycorn’s to mark the release of their new EP “Waste of Kings” Fri., Sept. 29.

The band ­— which will open for Wichita legends Manilla Road — have recently undergone a stylistic switch and the release of their new EP could serve as a power-metal genre marker within the greater Wichita music scene.

“Waste of Kings” will be released via Postmortem Apocalypse Records. The LP serves as a microcosm of what’s to be expected with the band’s full-length album, which is currently being written. The four-song release serves the band well.

Bridegeist has been around since 2014, but bassist Heath Leffel said it feels like the band is experiencing a new beginning.

“The band as it is now is a considerably different beast than it was when it started,” Leffel said. “We’ve been through a number of lineups, shifted a bit stylistically, and this debut EP is really the culmination of what feels to be our true beginning. Momentum has steadily built.”

The new Bridegeist EP was filled with a certain clout, to say the least.

All four tracks on the brief release feature powerful riffs, verve-filled vocals, and guitar tracks that rival that of most working metal bands found within the relative confines of the 316 area code. The intro track, “Witness the Fire,” is like pushing play to the sound of the apocalypse.

The single most striking aspect of the release is its heavy quality that sticks out amongst the crowd. The breakdowns have the feel of power-metal, but maintain the essence of thrash and hardcore roots that culminate in a hyperbolic and timeless form.

Along with opening for Manilla Road at their album release show, Bridegeist will play a set with Midnight Ghost Train on Oct. 20 at the Elbow Room.

Copies of “Waste of Kings” will be available online via MP3 download and via cassette.