Letter to the Editor — Focus on the small wins


One week ago, I was walking through the Rhatigan Student Center and a bittersweet thought passed through my mind. In less than a year, I will no longer be walking in these halls. I will no longer be student body president at Wichita State. I will no longer be a collegian. This is an unusual feeling as a senior, but man, I am proud of Wichita State. I know I will leave the institution with a heavy heart but also as a proud alumni.

After a conversation with Dr. Jim Rhatigan following the election, he explained that focusing on the small wins is the most useful way of leading. Then, in a conversation with one of the Kansas regents, he stated something along the lines that of the things he accomplishes, he will most likely not benefit from. Similarly, a Kansas State administrator told the Student Advisory Committee to not lose ourselves in the large issues that no one can ever solve, but instead to set out plans for long term goals and also concentrate on the small things we can get done now that may result in change.

I pondered all of those wise notions and realized what I am concentrated on — how can I leave campus better in one year? How can I leave campus a finer institution for when my cousins are of age to attend college? What will the legacy of Student Government be? Why do we do what we do? This is about much more than me, much more than my cabinet — this is about you, about us working together toward the common goal of advancing Wichita State University.

There is still work to be done, but it is important to note, a lot has been accomplished. Too often, students and the media get overly interested in the bad that the good gets lost in the hustle. I write to you today to tell you: There are good things happening. After you read this, I invite you to focus on the good. Shockers are helping Shockers. It happens each and every day — whether you see it or not. The Shocker Support Locker has grown immensely, and we are seeing more students than ever utilize the facility, inquire about volunteering and how to donate necessary items. Additional cameras have been installed in the Flats parking garage. Prices have been lowered at Fast Break. A Lunch and Learn series for females to learn more about how to succeed has been developed.

Our Senate is filled with some of the most dedicated students at WSU — 50 to be exact. The Senate is committed to all students and to ensuring that your life is better off than when you began as a student. They advocate for you each and every Wednesday at Senate and all throughout the week in several ways. Whether it is by developing legislation that supports you and your interests, by hosting tables in the RSC and other campus buildings to open up dialogue to fellow students, or by attending your events — The Senate is here for you. I encourage you all to not only reach out to those in the executive roles in SGA, but to those in the legislative branch who are interested in representing you.

Speaking of the cabinet, these eight individuals who serve in the leadership roles of the Association or as committee chairs could not be better. They have one interest in mind when making decisions — you. We come into the office for hours each week to make your time here at Wichita State optimal by advocating for your thoughts in important meetings with administration. I could not be happier with Breck, who was elected alongside me, with Kylen, Bailey, and Marshall, who were approved by the Senate, and with the chairs, Elle, Haneesha, Taylor, and Walter, who seek out the issues and make those changes transpire. Rest assured knowing that there are 60-plus individuals at work for you.

My message to you today should not be confused with blind optimism with everything happening at Wichita State. I understand, there are issues to be solved. Instead, what I write about is in hopes that I can instill confidence and positivity into each person who reads this. I’m hopeful in what Student Government can do and convinced that the small wins will add up to be great successes.

Focus on the good. And, more importantly, focus on the small wins.


Paige Hungate, Student Body President