Letter to the Editor — Lack of visuals for campus crosswalks is terrible for everyone


I’ve often wondered where our police officers are when vehicles don’t stop for those folks walking on campus who are in crosswalks. This morning I found out when I was pulled over myself. Now, let’s forget the fact that I dodge scooters, skateboards, bikes, or whatever happens to be the latest fad to get around on SIDEWALKS these days. That’s another letter.

I was chagrined when the officer informed me that I “sped right past” a student in a crosswalk as I looked for a parking space. First of all, at less than 20-miles-an-hour, I was hardly speeding, and second of all, the student in question hardly had to dodge for cover. I’m no math teacher, but I can judge distances.

But the most important thing I noticed, and continued to notice as I walked across campus, is the terrible lack of visuals for motorists on campus advising of a crosswalk. Slapping something on the ground–especially as this campus continues to grow–isn’t enough. I felt awful and embarrassed this morning, but needlessly. I’m no angel, but this morning was a bit silly. Ironically, after I did find a parking spot in the faculty lot by Corbin, I had to cross one of the worst places on campus: Yale and Perimeter. I know pedestrians have been hit there. You know what? Despite that, there isn’t a visual sign for motorists except what is on the ground, and that’s not enough–and let’s not get into motorists who aren’t even from the United States.

The campus is responsible for doing its part. I don’t think the officer was being nice by just giving me a verbal warning; many moons ago, I worked for a vehicle insurance company. The whole situation was flimsy from the start. But let’s remove the guessing game, shall we? Let both pedestrians and motorists know the score and be accountable. Because after this morning, if I even get tapped in a crosswalk and no sign is posted, the bodily injury suit is coming to Wichita State.

Kerry Jones

Fairmount Lecturer in the English Department