Shockers ‘play the most angry’ to defeat Memphis by 20

No. 22 Wichita State defeated Memphis 85-65.


Matt Crow

Wichita State guard Landry Shamet guards a UCF player Wednesday night in Koch Arena.

Both No. 22 Wichita State and Memphis came into the game Tuesday night with a chip on their shoulder.

The Shockers most recently lost a game by two points, and The Tigers most recently lost by three to ECU.

Going into the game, head coach Gregg Marshall knew both teams would be angry, and whoever played the angriest would ultimately pull away with the win.

“Once again we are going to be playing an angry team…a team that’s probably a little angry with how they performed. That doesn’t make it an easier,” Marshall said. “It’ll be two angry teams…we’ll see who’s going to play the most angry.”

The Shockers ultimately got to show Memphis what they’re known for: playing angry.

Wichita State handed Marshall his 80th true road win after defeating Memphis by 20.

The Shockers were able to secure an early lead, taking control and setting the pace of the game.

In the final few minutes of the first half, both teams were at an offensive stand-still. The Shockers didn’t score a field goal for four minutes of play, and The Tigers had zero points for nearly three minutes of play after going 0-5 from the field during that time.

Wichita State had an 11-point lead over Memphis going into the half.

The Shockers were able to maintain their lead and shut down The Tigers’ offense. Wichita State held Memphis with zero points for nearly five minutes in the second half.

The Shockers shot 42 percent overall, with 22 bench points, and converted The Tigers’ 18 turnovers into 14 points.

The three-point line was where The Shockers’ success stemmed from—offensively and defensively.

Wichita State connected 11 threes on 31 attempts, and only allowed Memphis to make only two of 13 attempts.

Prior to the Memphis game, sophomore guard Landry Shamet has gone 3-25 from deep over four games.

Despite Shamet’s recent dry spell, Marshall encouraged him to keep shooting.

“Just trying to do whatever I could. I’ve met with him privately and encouraged him,” Marshall said. “The whole thing was just to let him know that we think he’s a heck of a player and a great shooter and keep shooting and, by God, make one. Let’s get this streak over with. Let’s go back to the 50-percent guy.”

Shamet went back to being that “50-percent guy” after going 4-7 from the three and finishing with 20 points.

According to the CBS Sports announcers, sophomore guard Austin Reaves had a crowd of around 100 people in Memphis. His fan group gave him a standing ovation after finishing his third-straight game with 20+ points.

Reaves finished with 22 points, six rebounds, and one assist.

The Shockers head back to Koch Arena after two games on the road. Wichita State hosts UConn on Saturday for the homecoming game. Tipoff is at 5 p.m. and will be broadcasted by ESPN.