‘It gave me an excuse to wear the kilt’: Alumni duo to play Celtic-crossover concert


When musician Seth Girton was a kid, he dreamed of playing the bagpipes and marching around in a kilt.

With the help of fellow musician Jenny Bowen, Girton is bringing his love of Celtic music to Wichita. The two of them are Wichita State alumni.

Hoping for more than just a concert, Girton says he hopes to recreate the feeling of a traditional Gaelic social gathering called Ceilidh.

“Hopefully we can throw off some of the stiffer and more formal concert etiquette and actually get some toes tapping and bodies shaking,” Girton said.

Girton said he met Bowen through the Wichita Youth Symphony.

“The first time I heard her play solo, I was blown away. She has always been amazingly talented,” Girton said.

Girton and Bowen both teach at the Bethel College Academy of Performing Arts. Girton said this connection has led to more collaboration between him and Bowen, including this performance.

The concert will feature music from the arrangements of Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas, which Girton said he discovered while pursuing his graduate degree.

“When Jenny [Bowen] approached me about playing those arrangements, I jumped at the chance to explore the style, and it gave me an excuse to wear the kilt,” Girton said.

The Celtic-crossover concert will take place at 6:30 p.m. Sunday at the First Unitarian Universalist Church. Tickets are a $10-20 and can be bought in person, by phone or online. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to support the church.

“There will be food and drink and perhaps some stories. Ideally it will become an immersive community gathering, full of mirth and merriment,” Girton said.