Letter to the Editor—Toni Loeffler


Many of the editor’s letters I’ve read have been gracious in their summation of President Bardo and the rest of the administration. It doesn’t matter whether or not this was an attempt at retaliation, they imply, mentioning other reasons why this is an unwise move. It’s bad PR for the university, for example, or it’s unfair to journalism students who will need hands-on experience post-graduation.

All these reasons why cutting funding is a bad idea — they’re true. But let’s not plead to an administration that won’t listen to reason. The time for diplomacy and good grace is over.

I believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that this administration wants to silence The Sunflower because they are angry that students have the nerve to call them on their shadiness. Let me be clear — the fault is not with SGA. The fault is with the Koch-backed bottomfeeders that run this school.

The administration’s attempts to strong arm skeptical voices into submission is nothing new. I could write a detailed list of examples, but that would take way more than 400 words. Besides, I don’t need to. You know why? Because The Sunflower has reported on it, again and again. Anyone who cares what goes on behind closed doors in this university knows what they know because of The Sunflower.

Bardo can’t even be bothered to show up for a breakfast with students, let alone tell them something that resembles truth or sincerity. When he does make a statement, it’s a mishmash of regurgitated phrases and code words (innovation, anyone?) that reek of emptiness and circular reasoning.

I was raised to watch a person’s actions, as they will reveal their values and priorities. The past three years at this university have shown me the administration’s priorities, and they are definitely NOT transparency, a well-rounded education for students, and the space for educators to pursue unbiased research.

I commend those of you who have tirelessly argued that transparent journalism is important, that the humanities are important, that LAS isn’t getting their fair due. It’s all true. But they don’t care.

So let me speak in terms that the administration will understand: money.

I graduate this spring, and I had planned to enroll in courses next year to obtain another Master’s degree. I will go elsewhere. For those of you who care about the priorities I listed above—I urge you to do the same.

—Toni Loeffler is a student at Wichita State University. 

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