Stop the madness: Shocker Madness replaced with Black and Yellow Scrimmage


Matt Crow

Markis McDuffie interacts with some young fans during Shocker Madness. (Oct. 18, 2017)

Wichita State is scrapping its annual basketball kickoff event, Shocker Madness.

A new event, coined the Black and Yellow Scrimmage by the athletic department, is taking its place.

Director of Fan Engagement Reggie McIntyre said “a lot of it really isn’t different, per se.”

One noticeable difference is the removal of organized three-point and dunk competitions. In past years, the contests have been considered fan favorites. McIntyre said he doesn’t expect dunks to stay off the agenda.

“I believe our players, after they get done scrimmaging, will put on a show for the fans,” McIntyre said.

The players will not have any obligation to perform dunks at the event.

“With our players having essentially a two-a-day, we want to make sure, from a health standpoint, we don’t push them too hard,” McIntyre said.

In past years, Shocker Madness was at least a two-hour event. McIntyre said the Black and Yellow Scrimmage, which is expected to be less than two hours in length, should allow more time for scrimmaging for the 20-plus newcomers to the basketball programs — the men’s team welcomes 10 newcomers to the women’s team’s 11.

The Black and Yellow Scrimmage will be held at 2 p.m. Oct. 6. The event moves from a Friday evening to a Saturday afternoon. McIntyre said the time was adjusted based on fan feedback.

McIntyre said since the announcement of the Black and Yellow Scrimmage, many questions have been raised — mostly related to the event’s name change.

The name change better serves the intentions of the event, McIntyre said.

“It flat out tells our fans what we’re trying to accomplish, and that’s to continue to play the game of basketball and focus in on that,” McIntyre said.

Garage Sale

Before the Black and Yellow Scrimmage, the athletic department will hold its annual garage sale from noon to 3 p.m. in the Multipurpose Gym in Koch Arena.

The garage sale offers used athletic apparel to the public, and items include jerseys and practice gear from the men’s basketball team. Items are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis, McIntyre said.

“Jerseys go quick,” McIntyre said.

This year, the men’s basketball team switched to Under Armour brand equipment — ending their contract with Nike. Last year’s jerseys did not feature player names. The NCAA restricts the sale of jerseys of current players, but without the names on the jerseys, WSU can sell more than just the jerseys of graduating seniors.

Jersey prices have not yet been set, McIntyre said.