Freshman under concussion protocol after video shoot-related injury


Joseph Barringhaus

Wichita State’s Isaiah Poor Bear-Chandler walks onto the court at the start of the Black and Yellow Scrimmage on Oct. 6, 2018. Chandler did not suit up for the scrimmage because he is under concussion protocol.

Wichita State freshman Isaiah Poor Bear-Chandler might have given himself a concussion during a filming session last week, according to Head Coach Gregg Marshall.

Bear-Chandler reportedly injured himself after filming shots for a hype video on Thursday, the team’s day off.


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The video board had been lowered in Charles Koch Arena for the video shoot. It’s unclear how exactly Bear-Chandler might have injured himself, though Marshall said players might have been “horsing around” following the shoot.

The freshman did not suit up in WSU’s public scrimmage on Saturday. Marshall revealed news of the injury following Saturday’s scrimmage.

“You know you have a young, inexperienced, and sometimes dumb team when you do stuff like that,” Marshall said.

Bear-Chandler reportedly entered Friday’s practice with a black eye. Marshall said he asked him where the black eye originated, and Bear-Chandler did not reply.

Marshall said Bear-Chandler started experiencing headaches, and has since been placed under concussion protocol.