May: Top 5 study break ideas to stay sane this semester


New semester, new you. Many of us are looking to change up our study habits, but few are willing to plan for their study breaks. The fact of the matter is that the key to a good study session is being able to sit back and process the information, and The Sunflower is providing you with the top 5 best ways to regroup during your next all-nighter.

Dishonorable Mention — Don’t take a break

Though you want to work non-stop, the cold hard truth is that you will not be productive if you try to push yourself too hard. No matter how much I need to get done, I will always allot for a 10-or-so minute break every couple of hours. I’m not going to get anything done after that anyways, so I might as well draw the line.

5 — Stream a TV show

This is a slippery slope. I have a “one more episode” mentality, and this leads to me getting very little done if I get obsessed with a show. I always try to binge at least one show that requires little or no focus to follow. My favorites for this include “The Office” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

4 — Stare off into space for a while

Ah, the original time waster. I’ve been perfecting this method since about first grade. For thousands of years, before the emergence of television and the internet, I can only assume that people wasted time by staring at nothing for hours on end. How else could they stay sane?

3 — Go to the Heskett

Obviously, this isn’t my favorite activity. I do know, however, that other people thoroughly enjoy spending their time “being healthy”, although I will never understand why. For those of you who are so inclined, the Heskett is a great place to do it, plus it’s like two minutes from the Library.

2 — Take a snack break

Finally, something much more my speed. While “experts” would tell you to eat fruits or veggies, I — the true snacking expert ­— prefer sweets. Nothing can get me through a couple of assignments quite like a cupcake. No matter what you decide to snack on, it is an important component of a successful study session.

1 — Switch gears and work on another class

Stuck on an assignment? Don’t just give up on studying all together — just switch your focus for a while. Just about all of us are taking multiple classes, allowing us the ability to switch subjects. When in doubt, change it up and try something else. Or drop out. More time to become a cupcake connoisseur.