Unpopular opinion: Pick up a damn textbook over break


Brian Hayes

You have them. Read them.

Finally, the moment that we’ve all been looking forward to has arrived. As students flood off of campus for the beginning of spring break, however, it is important to keep in mind that the semester is only half-way over.

Although we have been waiting for what seems to be at least a decade for this exact moment, now is not the time to be complacent. With another two months to go in the semester, it is important that we continue to push ahead, instead of regressing in the ensuing week.

While the break is obviously the perfect time to recharge your batteries, you cannot push off your assignments. Catch up on the sleep that you have undoubtedly been falling desperately behind on, but also forge ahead in your coursework. Without the constant deadlines, if only for a week, now is the time to continue your hard work at your own pace. Catch up in your classes if necessary, and push beyond into upcoming material. Instead of cramming for the test the final night, spread it out.

You can still have fun over break, but don’t put fun before your education. For instance, insert some math into your beach day by doing calc problems in the sand. If you want to go drinking, write a couple of sentences of a term paper, then take a shot. The possibilities are endless — just like this semester seems to be.

When the end of the semester rolls around, you aren’t going to regret pushing yourself and continuing your growth during spring break. Do your future self a favor, and pick up a damn textbook while you’re away. I know I will.