Wichita mayoral candidate misuses WSU, WSU Tech logos in flyer

After Wichita mayoral candidate and WSU Tech chairman Lyndon “Lyndy” Wells sent out a flyer with Wichita State’s logo this week, the university issued a release stating its logo, as well as WSU Tech’s, is not intended for political use.

The university was notified of Wells’ use of their logo by one of the recipients of the flyer.

The use of Wichita State’s “names … trademarks, facilities or other resources for political purposes,” is also not allowed, according to the release.

“It’s not uncommon,” Joe Kleinsasser, WSU co-director of news and media relations, said of political campaigns using the university’s logo around the time of elections.

Kleinsasser also emphasized that the university does not endorse political candidates.

Wells’ mailer displays Wichita State’s logo prominently on the right side with Wells’ portrait. The mailer highlights Wells’ experience as chairman of WSU Tech.

Below is the policy the university cited in their news release:

“Use of the University’s name, letterhead, logo, trademarks and/or resources (including University computing and information technology resources) for partisan electoral purposes such as solicitation of funds or other contributions in support of a political party or candidates, endorsement of candidates for public office, or advocating a position with regard to a public issue (other than an authorized spokesperson on behalf of the University) is strictly prohibited.”

Wells isn’t the only mayoral candidate with ties to WSU. Brandon Whipple, a Democratic legislator running for mayor, is an adjunct professor in the political science department.

The primary election for the mayoral seat is Aug. 6.