Sacred study spots of Wichita State


Morgan Cusick highlights sections of a book while she studies at Fairmount Coffee on August 8.

Fairmount Coffee Co.

Fairmount Coffee Co. has only been around for a little more than two years, but it’s already a staple to the Wichita State community.

With the relaxing whir of espresso machines humming steadily in the background, Fairmount Coffee is a valuable commodity to the surrounding community. It’s more affordable than some bougie coffee shops in the area, and you get the added bonus of supporting local business.

The spacious coffeeshop has plenty of seating, which makes it perfect for study groups, meetings, or casual hangs.


Easton Thompson
Jamie Tanner restocks the bar at The Vagabond on August 8. The Vagabond has coffee, drinks and some limited food options.

The Vagabond

Can’t decide if you need coffee or whiskey to help you get through that essay you put off? The Vagabond is the place for you.

Their Irish Coffee is a mixture of brewed coffee and Irish whiskey, keeping you sufficiently caffeinated and buzzed.

Nestled in the cozy atmosphere of Delano, The Vagabond is classic and versatile. They specialize in a great rotation of bouncy playlists and study snacks to keep you awake and thriving. With an adorable patio overlooking one of the most chic neighborhoods in Wichita, The Vagabond feels like a warm hug —if warm hugs came with liquor and espresso.


Nick Hawthorne cleans a fridge behind the bar at The Fieldhouse on August 8.

The Fieldhouse

Wichita State’s favorite little sports bar has been around since what seems like the dawn of time —and for good reason. The Fieldhouse boasts a daily happy hour on top of already dirt-cheap drinks, helping even the poorest of students to get blasted on a budget.

The Shocker-themed bar comes set with pool tables, a jukebox, and free WiFi just a few steps from Wichita State. They’re open every night until 2 a.m., making it a sweet spot for late night cramming sessions.



Ismail Mokaddem studies in Ablah Library on WSU’s main campus. There are many computers in the library as well as private study rooms and other seating options.

Ablah Library

I made a big mistake by avoiding the library for my first two years of college. It seemed unnecessary and lame. I was expecting a dull, lifeless building, but what I found in Ablah Library was a sense of camaraderie and comfort.

The librarians in Ablah are experts in their field and always eager to help clueless students, like myself. The chairs and couches in Ablah have been perfectly worn in, creating the comfiest on campus. Thousands of dusty, vintage books line the hallways in Ablah, making any student feel like they’re having a little “Beauty and the Beast” moment.

The silence and serenity in the library can’t be found anywhere else on campus. Ablah is the best place at WSU to take a cat nap, read, or just have a moment to yourself.


McKnight’s seating and architecture from the third floor balcony. The computer lab is on the first floor.

McKnight Lobby

When you step into McKnight, it’s like entering a parallel universe where everything is sunny and bright. Unlike most other buildings on campus, the abundance of windows in McKnight fill the building with gorgeous natural light instead of tangerine fluorescents that can make even the sunniest of days feel dull.

Serving as the hub for most of the fine arts students on campus, McKnight is filled to the brim with good vibes and sheer style. The walls are plastered with art projects, making the whole building feel lively and awake. Whether you’re on the market for a huge table to lay out all your homework or a gorgeous sky bridge with killer views, McKnight has it all.