What we watched this weekend (Sept. 9)


Morgan Anderson

Langston University’s marching band section leaders lean in formation during their halftime performance on Sept. 7.

There is so much content as far as television and movies that Netflix had to renew its license of The Office because so many people watch it rather than look through endless libraries of products which may or may not satisfy. Every so often, writers and editors will share the things they’ve watched recently to hopefully give students ideas of what to watch next.

Karen Galindo: “Lucifer,” available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video

For the past week, I  dedicated my time and soul to Netflix’s original, “Lucifer”. The 4 season (and counting) show centers around an unlikely partnership between an actress turned detective, Chloe Decker (Lauren German), and the Devil himself, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), and how they bring murderers to justice in crime-ridden Los Angeles, California.  

The name of the show itself may scare some potential viewers away with the negative connotation that it is a show celebrating evil. Nothing can be farther away from the truth. “Lucifer” showcases another theory about good, evil and religion. The theory being that the devil isn’t the epitome of evil and that it isn’t his temptation nor his fault that we – as human beings – commit sins. Instead we are the ones solely responsible for our own decisions and that Lucifer is just there to punish those who choose to act upon evil desires. 

But this show is more than just crime fighting and religion- it is also about love. The detective, Chole Decker and Lucifer himself have a will-they or won’t-they romantic relationship that lasts up until the latest season which completely captures the heart of any hopeless romantic. 

Lucifer’s devilish humor, the quirky banter between the main characters, and Chloe’s top-notch detective skills make for the perfect show about love and redemption.


Kevin Benavides: Heartland American Classic, hosted by the Heartland Black Chamber of Commerce

I don’t watch football games. I don’t follow any teams, I know only the players that make national headlines and I most watch the super bowls for the half-time shows. However, the Heartland American Classic was a largely energetic and exciting event.

On top of the two football teams duking it out for the win, there was a delightful half-time performance by the Langston University Marching Band which played its versions of several popular songs. What was really impressive is that the band was synchronized the entire performance, and they had their own dance moves that they would bust out while they were still playing.

Wichita State’s ROTC program and the Kansas National Guard were also in attendance of the event to warm-up the crowd with a flag ceremony and the Star Spangled Banner. There was also cannon fire that finished off the song and every quarter of the game, which caught most of the audience by surprise every time.

The game itself was full of twists and turns. Langston University started off with a 21-0 lead against McPherson University by the end of the first quarter, but McPherson didn’t lose hope and pushed until the end. They managed to come incredibly close to balancing the scores completely, even tying the game when the buzzer hit zero. Unfortunately, they couldn’t finish their last play and lost to Langston, 21-20.

While the game obviously can’t be watched again, I highly recommend interested followers of the sport to watch more local games.