Ghosts defeat Ghouls 3-2

In the second-annual Wichita State baseball Screamage game, the Ghosts defeated the Ghouls 3-2 in four short innings — just in time for everyone to get home to Game two of the World Series.

“This is always a good way to end the fall,” said sophomore Keenan Eaton, dressed up as Squints. “The costumes were better, and we had a lot of fun.”

While both teams were tied with six hits each, it was the costumes that kept the crowd interested. Costumes like the Three Blind Mice, Buzz Lightyear and Woody, the Joker from Batman, Squints, Benny Rodriguez and Hamilton Porter from “The Sandlot,” and the infamous Waldo.

“The costumes are so much better compared to last year,” said junior Reagan Biechler, one of the Three Blind Mice. “We have a lot of returners that really stepped it up.”

Meanwhile, redshirt junior Willie Schwanke did just that with his Joker costume.

“I portrayed it really well with my hair being this long,” he said. “I’ve been told I have some of the same facial expressions so it was a perfect fit. But next year I want to go as something more comical — I don’t like being serious and want to try something different.”

Among players and fans, Schwanke seemed to be the crowd favorite according to freshman Connor Lungwitz, who dressed up as Buddy from the movie “Elf.”

“This was a lot of fun,” Lungwitz said. “It’s nothing too serious, just a good way to end the fall, but Willie was definitely my favorite. His hair obviously helped, but the face paint was just too good.”

While Schwanke would have been awarded “Best Costume” by players and fans, there was a large variety of costumes including Mario, a neon yellow Sharpie, a convict and most interesting of all: a big, fat ninja.

“I came as Batman last year and wanted to do something really different,” redshirt freshman Josh DeBacker said. “I wanted something crazy and searched everywhere. Finally I saw it at a Halloween store and I knew it would be perfect, I just couldn’t resist.”

While the fall season has officially drawn to a close, the Shockers will pick back up again this spring.

“We’ve had a productive fall, and now it’s time to hit the weight room for the off season,” said redshirt sophomore Cody Tyler, one of the Three Blind Mice. “This is the time for us to get stronger and get better.”