Derrico adjusting to new role with softball program


Khánh Nguyễn

Wichita State senior Laurie Derrico with her family at the senior ceremony after the game against USF at Wilkins Stadium on May 5, 2019.

After a successful playing career at Wichita State, where she tied the school home-run record, Laurie Derrico is shifting her role to the director of operations with the WSU softball team post-graduation.

“I’ve been getting the spring season ready, so any flights we have to book, any buses that we need all season long, hotels, things like that,” Derrico said. “I’m also in charge of making sure the girls have all the apparel they need for practice and for games.”

Derrico also organizes recruiting visits for prospective Shockers. This year, there are supposed to be around 15 recruits who will visit with the team. That puts some extra jobs on Derrico’s to-do list.

“We have recruits coming in a lot, so I help with organizing their weekend here — making sure that they have something fun to do, making sure they have time to meet with Coach Bredbenner, where they can try on uniforms and things like that,” she said.

So far, Derrico said she feels like her transition from student-athlete to director of operations has been a successful one. Sticking with the program has made the transition easier.

“I knew I was going to miss softball a lot, cause it’s been my life forever, but being able to still be a part of it — especially with this program and the people I’ve played with — is still awesome to see them getting better and seeing the team getting better,” Derrico said. “I still miss it, but it’s nice to still be a part of it.”

Although Derrico said she isn’t 100% sure what she wants to do in the future, she could see herself in a coaching position at some level.

“I think my plan was to be a college coach. I don’t know exactly if that’s what I want to do anymore,” Derrico said. “I might stick to a more high school role — try to be a high school coach, teacher, and then work my way up to an administrative role. I’m not positive. Everything’s unknown right now.”