REVIEW: ‘Fine Line’ is an album everyone will love



Album art for Harry Style’s second solo album, “Fine Line.”

Former One Direction member, Harry Styles, released his second studio album, “Fine Line” yesterday. His new album is made up of 12 tracks including singles such as “Lights Up,” “Watermelon Sugar” and “Adore You.”

Each track on “Fine Line” has their own unique sound. My personal favorite, “She” contains R&B undertones mixed with rock flairs. Think Harry’s song from his first album “Woman,” Taylor Swift’s “False God” and The Weeknds “Earned It” mixed together with a killer 3 minute guitar solo – that’s “She.” 

In previous interviews, Harry described his album to be about “sex, drugs, and sadness” and he was not lying. Songs like “Falling,” “Fine Line” and “Cherry” will either painfully remind you of an ex or make you wish you had an ex to dedicate these songs to. 

“Cherry,” “Canyon Moon” and “To Be So Lonely” all have acoustic flairs, reminding fans of tracks such as “From the Dining Table” and “Meet Me in the Hallway” from his first solo album. But Harry isn’t all about heartbreak, his album also contains summer bops. Tracks such as “Sunflower, Vol. 6” and “Golden” will paint the listener a picture of a summer romance, including sceneries such as romantic sunsets at the beach and cruising down in Southern California in a convertible.  

This new album is a mixture of genres. Some say its pop, other say its soft rock, I personally get a 70’s rock aesthetic from it, but nonetheless, whatever genre this album is – it is a masterpiece. Old One Direction fans will love it out of pure loyalty to the former band member, but music lovers who never had an interest in the former band will also thoroughly enjoy this new album. It’s a new sound that contains melodies of the past, and I’m sure everyone and anyone will love it.