Large crowds turn out for weekend cricket tournament

Evan Pflugradt

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The Cricket Club kicked off the first of three cricket tournaments this weekend with a two-day event.

The tournament, sponsored by the Indian Student Association, brought in more than nine seven-player teams and over 60 participants. The event also drew large crowds of spectators.

“Cricket has a great following worldwide,” organizer Sharat Chandra said.

The tournament was open to all participants. One spectator added that he had planned to come as a spectator for the event but was fortunate to participate in one of the early matches.

The tournament brought participants from several countries including Australia, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Spectators said the team from Sri Lanka was favorited to win the tournament.

Traditional cricket games are played with a hard ball and can last several days. The tournament over the weekend used a taped tennis ball and played shortened matches of five-over innings. By using taped tennis balls, games were free from using protective equipment as a method to encourage more participants.

The club is expanding on its annual event by hosting a total of three, two-day tournaments this year. The next tournament will be hosted in October, and the next in March.

“The response has been great,” Chandra said. “Cricket has a great following and we’re excited to be doing three tournaments this year.”