New KMUW podcast to focus on women’s suffrage


KMUW has introduced a new podcast series called “Hindsight: Looking Back at 100 years of Women’s Suffrage.” This six-episode mini series will focus on the women’s suffrage movement and women’s history in honor of the centennial of the 19th Amendment.

Historian and Wichita State history professor Robin Henry is the host of the podcast. Henry said the podcast came about after months of planning.

“[KMUW] came to me with an idea of basically doing something to celebrate the centennial of the women’s suffrage amendment,” Henry said. “After a couple of months of brainstorming different ideas, we came up with a podcast series.”

 “We decided that that was a way to reach a larger audience but also allow us to dive more deeply into the subject.”

 Henry said the podcast will focus on not just one, but many aspects of the women’s suffrage movements.

 “What I’m wanting to do with the podcast is really not just focus on the 19th Amendment but really focus on how the 19th Amendment came about, who it affects, who it doesn’t impact, but also what comes afterward,” Henry said.

 She said the right to vote often foreshadows many other important rights that women were fighting for at that time.

 “We often think about voting rights as being an essential right, but it isn’t the only right that women in the 19th century are talking about,” Henry said. “What are some of the other ways women have chosen to use their political voices? Through activism, through public participation in debates and conversation — even running for office. As ways to . . . fight for bigger levels of equality.”

 Henry said she hopes the podcast will be able to break the mold and cover different people and topics that were equally as important.

 “One of the things that I always like to do is to include stories, ideas, [and] people that maybe you haven’t really thought about as being part of women’s history,” Henry said. “A lot of times, people have the idea that women’s history is . . . white middle class women’s history. I’m really excited to introduce people and talk about women of color, working class women, immigrant women, women and men who are on the LGBTQ spectrum — people who participated in the movement that we don’t often think about.”

 Henry said that while women’s history may be looked at as something that only affects a specific group of people, it really affects everyone.

 “People of all persuasions of life and experience can actually feel that this is their movement, too,” Henry said.

 Henry said women’s history will always stay newsworthy.

 “There are a number of podcasts that deal with women’s history, but there is never going to be the absolute complete end to the conversation,” Henry said. “[It’s important to] be able to visit and revisit those conversations again and again.”

 The podcast’s first episode premiered Monday. The remaining episodes will premiere every other month through December. ‘Hindsight’ is available on KMUW’s website or anywhere podcasts are available.