Baseball isn’t always boring

Before coming to Wichita State, I was never a big fan of baseball. It’s not for everyone. The games are often long, and some people might call them boring.

These days, I enjoy going to Shocker games for the most part, but I’m not one of the fans you’ll see bundled up when it’s cold or sitting with an umbrella in the rain. I’m usually good with baseball up until about the fifth inning. However, with food, friends or an unusually exciting game, baseball games are a good way to sit back and enjoy the nice weather we’ve been having lately.  

If you’re one of those people who have never been to a Shocker baseball game, you should change that. Here’s why:

1. The atmosphere is pretty great. At Eck Stadium, you’ll see everyone from young couples and families, to the older generation of Shocker fans, all coming out to support the home team. The camaraderie can’t be beat, and it’s always fun to cheer on the Shockers with such a great fan base.

2. It’s free. If you’re a WSU student, you can go to baseball games for absolutely nothing. It’s free entertainment. Why wouldn’t you go?

3. You can bring your own food and drinks. Or buy theirs. If you go sit on Coleman Hill, in the outfield, you can pack the cooler and bring your favorite snacks — without even having to sneak them in. If you prefer to sit in the stadium, well, you’re on your own with the sneaking. There are, however, food and drink options available at the concession stands, with plenty of peanuts to be shelled.

4. You might get some sun. The general admission stands are practically a tanner’s Mecca. All of that reflecting aluminum is sure to help get your tan started or give you a pretty nasty sunburn. No guarantees on what you end up with.      

5. It’s a fun, cheap date. If you and your significant other are students, you can go to the game for free. Pack a picnic, head to Coleman Hill and you’ve got yourselves a cheap date that’s not another movie or trip to the bowling alley.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, then maybe it’s not baseball that’s boring. Maybe it’s you.