NCAA allows basketball to resume voluntary athletic activities on June 1

NCAA Division I football and basketball players can return to campus for “voluntary athletic activities” on June 1, following a Division I Council decision Wednesday. All teams must cooperate with health and safety regulations. 

While some activities will be allowed, the NCAA said it wants athletes and schools to make decisions based on their own situations. 

“Allowing for voluntary athletics activity acknowledges that reopening our campuses will be an individual decision but should be based on advice from medical experts,” Council Chair M. Grace Calhoun said in a release. 

The council also said universities should follow state and local regulations, including those for facilities and group sizes. 

Student-athletes must initiate the activities, and coaches cannot be present unless a safety exception allows it. Coaches cannot direct the activities, nor can the activities be reported back to a coach. 

The NCAA remains undecided on voluntary activities for other sports and summer access activities in football and basketball. Those decisions will be made through an electronic vote. 

Wichita State Athletics was not immediately available for comment about its plans Wednesday night. 

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.