TBT adjusts summer tournament: 24 teams in one location



WuShock walks the court during a timeout in the game between the Aftershocks and Sideline Cancer as part of the Wichita Regional TBT tournament on July 27, 2019 in Charles Koch Arena.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Basketball Tournament has made changes to the tournament this summer. Among those changes is trimming down the tournament to 24 teams and having those teams play in only one location. 

After reviewing possibilities with medical officials, the TBT said the changes would create the safest scenario for the players and everyone involved. 

“If there’s anything this virus has taught us is there’s no way to ensure 100 percent probability of anything,” said Dr. Tara Sell, who works at the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, “but after reviewing TBT’s plan and challenging some of their assumptions, I feel confident in the approach they are taking to minimize risk and their commitment to conducting this event responsibly.” 

Team members will be quarantined in one area and tested for the coronavirus throughout the tournament. TBT will also test all players prior to the tournament. 

If an individual tests positive at any point before or during the tournament, the team and event will be removed from the tournament. The teams will also be kept separate. 

At the end of the tournament, all players will undergo an exit screening from local health officials. 

Over 100 teams applied to be in the 2020 tournament. TBT will select a host city among nine locations, including Wichita, Las Vegas, and Washington D.C. 

“We look forward to hosting an incredible group of teams and crowning a champion this summer,” said Jon Mugar, TBT founder and CEO. 

Last year, Wichita set attendance for the event and more than doubled the previous record holder. The Aftershocks and Wichita Wizards will both be up for consideration for the tournament later this summer. 

All fans who purchased tickets for an event at one of the nine regions will be fully refunded.