Guest column: A letter from Student Body President Rija Khan



Rija Khan, student body president

Dear Shocker Nation,

The last few months have been a challenge for us all. Not only has the pandemic changed the way campus operates, it has changed our lives and our futures forever. In this moment, much like the generations before, we must adapt to our current situation. I consider Shocker Nation fortunate since we have leadership that is able and willing to listen and act appropriately during this time.

With the discomfort of the pandemic at hand, we have a golden opportunity to reevaluate our systems. It has given us the opportunity to look beyond the individuals and see our community as a whole.

Everyone needs to take new precautions to protect others on our campus, in our communities, and on state and national level. Sometimes that protection applies to more things than just wearing a mask, it applies to giving fair opportunities to help others succeed.

Higher education allows us the opportunity to be educated on issues around us and teaches us how to share platforms and amplify voices. These are revolutionary times, so let us partake in positive change-making for all.

This change can come through voting. This year we have many elections that will help shape our future. For some of you, it will be your first time voting in an election, and now more than ever, it is crucial that you utilize your right to vote. Be sure to take time to educate yourselves on each candidate and make an educated vote.

During our campaign last year, Student Body Vice President Mackenzie Haas and I took time to educate ourselves about the student issues. Now we will take steps to solve those issues while working through a pandemic. Our respect, support, and love for the student body is endless and we will take any and every action to ensure your voices are heard.

As your student body president, I am working and will continue to work towards putting students first. I urge every member of Shocker Nation to take time to read the COVID-19 requirements on Wichita State’s website. I encourage everyone to help protect those on our campus, and to take time to take care of the people around us.

I wish I could welcome everyone back to campus in person, but for the time being let us take all precautions necessary and protect everyone around us.

Welcome back, Shocker Nation.