Five study spots to get you (safely) out of your house


Khánh Nguyễn

Barnes and Nobles is a great study spot because it’s never crowded, it smells good, and it makes you feel like a smart bookworm.

Finding a new study spot during this stressful time of COVID-19 is easier said than done. Since I cannot, for the life of everything academia-holy, concentrate at home, I venture out into the public to find a semi-quiet study corner. But, with having to wear a face mask and having to maintain a six-feet distance with everyone I come across, it’s been harder than usual to find that perfect study spot. Below, I compiled a list of possible study spots that can get you (safely) out of your room.

  • Barnes and Nobles 

Shout out to Morgan Anderson, The Sunflower’s Visual Director, for bringing B&N onto my radar. I’m a fan of Barnes and Nobles for the simple fact that it makes me feel like Rory Gilmore on the hunt for her next classic literature novel, when in reality it takes me three months to read a one 500-page fantasy YA book (I’m looking at you “Six of Crows”). Barnes and Nobles is a great study spot because it’s never crowded, it smells good, and it makes you feel like a smart bookworm. What more can you ask for? 

  • Those tables next to the pond-fountain thingy in the Innovation Campus

I have no idea what this part of campus is called, but it’s where the food trucks sometimes park and it’s right next to the pond with that big fountain in the middle. I personally study there sometimes and it’s so relaxing. Something about being outside when the weather is just right and hearing the sound of water makes the pain of studying a lot more bearable (dare I say, even peaceful?). 

  • Your local coffee shops

This is such an obvious recommendation, but I have to represent our local coffee shops! Small coffee shops will not only make you feel like a hipster who’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders despite his failed nomination the instant you walk in, but they’ll also bring you joy the moment the smell of bitter coffee beans hits your face. So take a deep breath and let the caffeine rush through your veins.  

Here are a few coffee shops in the Wichita area to consider: Fairmount Coffee Co., R Coffeehouse, Leslie Coffee Co, Reverie Coffee Roasters, and the Little Lion Cafe.

Keep in consideration that some of these shops have changed their hours, policies, and may only be offering carry-out, so please call the businesses ahead of time to avoid any misunderstandings. And by no means did I mention every local coffee shop/cafe, so feel free to do your own research to hunt down your personal favorite coffee shop!    

  • Rhatigan Student Center Starbucks

I know I was just talking about supporting local coffee shops, but what can I say, I’m a basic white girl at heart. You can usually find me catching up on work at the RSC Starbucks, most of the time without a drink since I sadly cannot afford to buy a drink every week (feel free to venmo me to support my caffeine-efficient cause). They play some nice music at this Starbucks, people there are usually studying as well so there’s no big distractions, and the vibe is mellow. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to study, but not STUDY. 

  • The Heskett Center 

A friend recommended this idea to me and honestly, I wasn’t a fan, but surprisingly, many other people are! When you walk into the building, just walk straight into the lobby area. There you’ll find couches, tables, vending machines, a microwave and have a view of the swimming pool. It’s got an energized feel to it without it being too crowded or too loud. Maybe it wasn’t for me, but it can be for you!