Heart in another place


Her heart is with acting, yet that’s not what she’s majoring in at Wichita State.

Cheyenne Miller has her sights focused on theatre. However, she is majoring in journalism in WSU’s Elliott School of Communication. She is a fifth year senior.

Miller is set to graduate with her degree in May, but said she doesn’t plan on using it. Instead, she plans to move to California with her sister after graduation.

“She’s in nursing school, and she said that I can live off of her for a while,” she said.

Miller said she is not sure why she chose journalism as her major.

“This is just what I picked to do — get a degree until I can move on with my life,” Miller said. “My heart’s just not in it. I wish it was, but it’s not.”

While her degree in communication with a journalism emphasis has allowed her to study how the news business works, Miller said she has studied theatre on the side for six years.

Miller said she thought about attending WSU for theatre, but upon reviewing how things are done in the theater department, she opted not to study. But, she said, she wanted to get a degree before she moved to California to try acting.

Not only will she live with her sister when she moves, her friend and Elliott School graduate Lane Kendall also moved to California several weeks ago — also for acting.

Miller works at Chili’s at Central and Rock Road while also attending classes at Wichita State.

While she hasn’t looked for any particular theatre outlet, she said she plans to start looking soon.

Miller is originally from Pennsylvania, moved to Lawrence when she was eight and has lived in Wichita for three years. She said she is both nervous and excited for the upcoming move.

“It’s very terrifying,” she said. “I feel like you should do the things that scare you, because they are the most worth it.”