Talk Angry Podcast, a resource for WSU basketball fans

A full-time Wichita State student, passionate about college basketball, sat down with Shocker alumni to discuss the creation of what he said would cover a massive deficit in sports reporting. What was born was a free podcast, providing more than the one-minute team coverage and recaps of WSU’s men’s basketball offered by national outlets.

“I’ve had the idea to do a podcast quite some time,” senior James Kellerman said. “I’ve wanted to do it for about three years now.”

Kellerman and WSU graduates Dustin Kuhn and Ben Burrus teamed up to bring Shocker fans “Talk Angry,” a weekly, hour-long show packed with analysis, guests and information about the team.

“We’re trying to bring Shocker fans something different, unique,” Kellerman said. “National media only gives about 30 seconds to the Shockers before their next segment or team to talk about. People want to hear about WSU. I really think we are filling a void, especially to the people who are fans from out of town.”

Kellerman said their idea has been able to reach people all over the country. WSU alumnus Curt Lindeman, said Talk Angry gives him the chance to connected with the team, even though he lives in California. He loved the idea so much, he decided to sponsor the podcast.

“Since I live in San Diego, the one thing that I felt I was missing out on is local Shocker talk on Wichita radio,” said Curt Lindeman, “Talk Angry” sponsor and owner of Lindeman, Esq. “I had not found a convenient, on-demand way for me to access Shocker discussion on Wichita radio. “Talk Angry” has filled that gap for me.”

“I think the show could benefit students who maybe don’t know too much about the team to learn more about the Shocker roster,” Kuhn said. “For those who are diehard college basketball fans, I think they would benefit from the quality of guests that we have on the show and their analysis of the Shockers.”

The “Talk Angry” team has spoken with some of sports media’s biggest names, including Jay Bilas (ESPN’s College Game Day), Jeff Goodman (ESPN Insider) and WSU head coach Gregg Marshall. But the list does not stop there.

“This is our second time around, and we’re going to make it better with new segment ideas and more interaction from listeners,” Kellerman said. “We are going after every single, possible guest that listeners want to hear from.”

During its first year, the podcast averaged 100 to 300 listeners weekly. It peaked around 400, which is success the “Talk Angry” team said they were not expecting.

“The podcast has far exceeded my expectations,” Lindeman said. “The team did a fantastic job of booking guests, including coaches, local media and a significant number of members of the national media.

“I also found it great to hear from Paul Suellentrop, Bob Lutz and the great Mike Kennedy (voice of the Shockers), who all bring an inside knowledge of the team and WSU history that you just can’t find anywhere else.”

Kellerman said the two reasons the podcast has been so successful is not only because they were able to land some big-name guests, but because of the Shockers’ success on the court. However, at the end of the day, the listeners are what makes it worth it, the crew said.

“I am so appreciative of Shocker Nation,” Kellerman said. “The fans are amazing, whether they’re fans of the show or just the team.”

To get plugged in to the Talk Angry podcast, look for it on iTunes or stream it on their website, Fans can interact with Kuhn and Kellerman through Facebook, Twitter or email. All contact information is available on the “Talk Angry” website.