New York Times votes WuShock as creepiest mascot

Sports Editor

Kyle Smith, reporter for the New York Times, has called out Wichita State’s mascot, WuShock, as being the creepiest mascot in America.

In his article, “The 12 creepiest mascots you’ve ever seen,” Smith said, “Who knew a shock of wheat could be this angry? Quick, someone fire up the threshing machine and make a Cronut out of this guy before he starts spreading his spores all over your children’s dreams.”

If that is not painful enough, WuShock beat out The Burger King, King Cake Baby from the New Orleans Pelicans, Purdue Pete and Gaylord the Fighting Camel from Campbell University.

Maybe this is what WSU needs, people all over the country to fear us, because I guarantee you when our boys hit the court this season, it won’t be just the mascot making grown men cry.