Former WSU radio announcer dies at age 102

Gus Grebe, the former radio announcer for Wichita State athletics, died Tuesday at his home in California. He was 102.

Grebe called WSU football and basketball games from 1966-1973 for KFH Radio. Grebe was known as “Mr. Excitement” and used “Put it in the ol’ deep freeze” to signal when the Shockers wrapped up the victory.

He was with WSU when a plane carrying members of the Shockers’ football team crashed in Colorado on October 2, 1970. Grebe was aboard the other plane that landed safely.

Grebe later worked at KWCH TV before leaving Wichita in 1979  to Kansas City, where he did shows for the Chiefs. Grebe then moved to California in the 1979, where he got into real estate.