Wichita venue brings affordable concerts to town


Kyran Crist

The Casey Donahew band performs on Jan. 15 at the Cotillion, starting off a new year of events and concerts.

Living in Wichita, I get the opportunity to attend way more concerts than I could in Alabama. Not many artists go on tour in Alabama. The closest we normally get is Atlanta, Georgia. However, we were blessed to have Morgan Wallen last October.

In Wichita, there are always live music events. My favorite place to watch events is the Cotillion, located on West Kellogg.

Jad Wolf helped found the Cotillion in the late 1950s. His goal was to create a space for people to kick back and have a fun time listening to live music with friends. In the past, Wolf has hosted events for Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith and numerous other artists. 

Concert tickets can be outrageously expensive, but the Cotillion has a great deal on prices. Tickets range from $10 to $40–depending on the artist and event–and welcome people of all age groups. 

There is no assigned seating. It is first come first serve to get as close to the stage as possible.

The Cotillion has a confined area, but it allows everything to be assessed easily.  Their area is a huge dance floor, so people can either stand toward the gate of the stage or use the rest of the open space to dance and watch the bands play. 

There is also a bar located near the stage for those 21 and over as well as a table for people to eat and watch the bands play. 

Near the entrance, there is a merchandise shop which holds meet and greets with the opening artist.

The Cotillion does not only offer country music concerts but all music types including R&B, rock n’ roll and Hispanic music. They also have Q&A events, wrestling and even cat shows. 

The Cotillion has events scheduled through October of 2022, but they have pop-up events occurring throughout the month. To receive updates on Cotillion events and ticket purchases, click here.