AfterShocks fall in TBT semifinal to Americana for Autism


Courtesy of Ben Solomon/ TBT

AfterShocks James Dickey attempts to go up for a shot against Americana for Autism during the semifinal round of TBT on July 30, 2022.

The AfterShocks TBT season ended after the semifinal game Saturday night against Americana for Autism, 78-75, in Dayton, Ohio.

Zach Brown was absent from the game due to injury precaution, while Tyrus McGee returned after being absent from the last game.

After ending the first three quarters in a point deficit to Americana for Autism, the AfterShocks made a thrilling comeback in the fourth quarter, tying the teams 63-63. 

Before beginning the Elam Ending, the AfterShocks trailed by just two points, 70-68. The first team to 78 would win.

After two three-pointers by Americana’s J’Covan Brown and Isaiah Swann, Americana for Autism was sitting on 76 points. 

Another defensive stop from the AfterShocks could have led to the team’s victory but was unsuccessful.

A foul from James Dickey gave Americana the win, 78-75, with two free points by Darryl Monroe.

Conner Frankamp and Markis McDuffie led the AfterShocks with 15 and 13 points; Swann and Nigel Johnson led Americana with 18 and 14.

Americana for Autism is now one win away from winning $1 million. Americana was seeded as No. 2 in the Rucker Park Regional.

Americana for Autism will take on Blue Collar U on Aug. 2 at 7 p.m. in Dayton, Ohio.