Andy’s finds a unique way to give back


Rachel Rudisill/ The Sunflower

Director of Athletics Kevin Saal (not pictured) and Franchise Operations Manager Joey Homm (pictured right) show off the ‘Shocker Jackhammer.’ Wichita State became the eleventh school to have an Andy’s Frozen Custard treat named after them. WSU partnered with Andy’s on Aug. 17, but the ‘Shocker Jackhammer’ was presented on Aug. 24.

Wichita State athletics and Andy’s Frozen Custard’s partnership found a new way to give back to student athletes at Wichita State.

Andy’s announced the partnership on Aug. 17.  They revealed their new treat called the Shocker Jackhammer at a press conference on Aug. 24.  The treat is made up of vanilla custard, with banana and peanut butter down the center of it.

A portion of the sales from the Jackhammer will go back to the Shocker Athletic Scholarship Organization at Wichita State. Andy’s will donate a minimum of 25 cents from each sale.

Director of Athletics Kevin Saal said that the partnership is an advantage to many of Wichita State’s student athletes. There are 250 athletes that make up the Shockers 15 sports programs. Of those 250 athletes about 50 percent of them are first generation college students and about a quarter of them receive some sort of Federal Pell Grant assistance.

“We have a lot of young people that have done something that they have never done before in their family,” Saal said. “They don’t necessarily have the guidance from their family to do so. They come to us and say so and the scholarship program supports those student athletes.”

Nathan Grosse, the regional manager of Andy’s locations in Wichita, said that they have done 350,000 donations to their school partners — some of those schools are in Wichita. Across the nation, 11 different college athletic programs including Wichita State have partnered with Andy’s.

Grosse said that giving back to Wichita State is a way for Andy’s Frozen Custard to give back to the community.

“Well they do great things,” Grosse said. “They teach and train some of our future leaders.”

The Shocker Jackhammer will be sold year round at all three Wichita locations. In Wichita, Andy’s East is located at 9750 E. 21st in Tallgrass and Andy’s West is located at 10788 W. 21st St. in New Market Square. Andy’s College Hill location is located at  3245 E. Douglas Ave.