Game time: Sports bar hotspots for catching Sunday afternoon game


If there ever were a person who was picky about their sport bar, it would be me. Moving to Wichita from Kansas City had its challenges, but none bigger than trying to find out where I wanted to watch the Kansas City Chiefs every Sunday during football season. Here are the places I found:

The Pump House: 

Again, great atmosphere. The converted filling station is a great idea, and the beer selection actually impressed me a bit. It’s surprisingly large; while I was walking around, I was surprised at how much space there was. 

It’s part of Old Town, so parking was pretty simple. I got the Pump House classic burger and added jalapenos and mushrooms at no cost — I liked that. The fries were nothing special, but the burger was $7.90, and a $4 pint made the meal affordable. Open 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.

Heroes Sports Bar and Grill: 

This has the best atmosphere of the locations I visited when it comes to watching sports. 

There are lots of loud fans, just loud enough that if they were cheering against your team, you might find them annoying, so be forewarned.

I ordered an appetizer of fried mushrooms, and along with the Funky Philly Sandwich, my meal cost $15. 

The food was acceptable, but a tad on the greasy side. If the food were less greasy, I wouldn’t mind spending $15 on lunch. Open 11 a.m. – 12 a.m.

Larry Bud’s Sports Bar and Grill: 

First impression: great atmosphere. The smattering of random items and things on the walls always gives you something to look at during commercial breaks. 

TVs are everywhere, and there is even a game room with more TVs if you have a large group of people. The food is pretty good, but there is nothing special here. 

I got the “Boom Boom” burger with jalapenos, bacon and pepper jack cheese, which was kind of dry, but the sauce on it was awesome. 

Don’t waste your money getting it on a pretzel bun, since it’s almost impossible to bite through. The burger cost $8.99, so it wasn’t too pricey. Open 11 a.m. – 2 a.m.

Fat Tony’s Sports Bar and Grill: 

It has a big ole’ TV. I wish that were enough to keep me coming back, but the food was not nearly as impressive as the TVs. 

I would recommend this place for watching a game if you only wanted beer and good atmosphere to be with friends. 

The burger tasted like I could’ve made it at home, which is a bummer. It cost $7.99, but I was impressed that Fat Tony’s offered an eating challenge. 

Five pounds of burger with one pound of fries is $24.99, but only if you can’t finish it. If you can, you get your name on a plaque and a t-shirt, not to mention the meal for free. Open 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.