Shocker student starts campaign to honor Coach Gregg Marshall

Gregg Marshall’s recent run to the NCAA Final Foul has one Shocker fan doing more than just waiting in anticipation for the start of next season.

Armed with an idea and determination, Max Runyon, who completed his first year at Wichita State University, is undertaking a Gregg Marshall dedication campaign called “Students for Marshallville.”

The objective of Students for Marshallville is to persuade the Shocker community and the school itself to acknowledge a piece of the campus property as a landmark dedicated to Marshall.

“I think this is a great way to show that we are behind Gregg Marshall and I think that this is a place that he enjoys very much,” Runyon said.

“And I want to give him every opportunity to make this a permanent home for him by doing stuff like this.”

Marshall has an overall record of 139-70 with the Shockers. WSU’s season ended in the Final Four round of the NCAA Tournament where the Shockers lost against the Louisville Cardinals in Atlanta.

Runyon plans to have the future landmark planted in front of the south entrance in front of Koch Arena with a sign that says “Marshallville.”

A booth will be set up distributing t-shirts and targeting student groups to raise awareness. Runyon started a Facebook page called “Students for Marshallville” on June 24, which has received “positive reaction up to this point.”

Runyon is also planning to launch a series of events to get the students and the faculty on board.

As a Duke Blue Devils’ fan before enrolling to WSU, Runyon made many visits to Krzyzewskiville to visit his older brother, now a graduate from Duke. The place known as “Krzyzewskiville”, is the area outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium, where students camp out for men’s basketball tickets.

It’s named for Mike Krzyzewski, the much loved men’s basketball head coach who has helped make Duke’s basketball program one of the best in the nation.

This inspired Runyon to want to celebrate Marshall and create more cohesiveness among the Shocker fans.

“We definitely have a tradition that everyone is passionate about, I will admit that there’s room for improvement I think it can be a little more collective,” Runyon said.

The campaign is still in its infancy, but Runyon acknowledged it would be special for him to be responsible for one of the future cornerstones of Shockers basketball.

“I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but it would be an amazing feeling to see an idea come to life right before your eyes,” he said.