Is it truly Halloween when you spend your night studying?

Picture this if you will. You’re a college student who’s been paying attention so much to whether or not you will get straight A’s this semester that you’re not even aware of today’s October holiday. 

Your friend says, “Hey, what are you doing for Halloween?” That’s when it first hits you that you realize you totally forgot and you have no plans and you don’t want to respond with, “Studying.” 

Now, this is no time to panic about your Halloween night becoming a complete bust. There’s still plenty of ways to get the best out of your night, even if it’s at the witching hour.

A popular occurrence for the college crowd is Halloween parties, and there are plenty of them going on, but it’s going to look pretty silly if you’re in casual dress. If you don’t have the cash to put down $50 for a costume at Halloween Express or that they’re sold out of the desired costume, then it’s time to do some rummaging through the closet. A good quick costume assembly from the closet idea is a 1950’s greaser, which consists of jeans, white shirt, leather jacket and slicked-back hair.

If you can, take a look around Goodwill. Items ranging from tacky suits to someone’s old letterman’s jacket is fun and are unique costumes to wear. It’s also a good place for an old shirt to rough and cut up to make a killer zombie.  

Don’t want to dress up? That’s cool. You can still plan a fun Halloween night at home with a marathon of scary movies, whether they’re on television, Netflix or you like to be old fashioned and visit the video store for a wider selection. 

These types of films are best viewed with a group of friends, not because they’re scary, but the interactions and comments made throughout them make it a whole lot more fun than sitting quietly or by yourself. If you’ve seen “Mystery Science Theater 3000,” you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

It’s also a good time to be a helpful sibling, aunt or uncle for children who need a chauffeur for the night, due to absent or busy parents. There’s nothing like seeing the excitement of Halloween through the eyes of a child, just as long as it doesn’t go over the line and you’re helping them throw eggs at people’s houses instead of visiting them for candy.

Even if this year’s Halloween just crept up on you, it’s never too late to find something to make the best of Halloween night. 

So, crank up Bobby “Boris” Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers’ “Monster Mash” and have a blast this year.