Female costumes take sexy way too far

Halloween is a time when people dress up as a variety of things. Monsters, myths and random professions are all different costume choices. The great thing about Halloween is that anyone can do any thing, but if you are a woman, things seem to come with a caveat.

Halloween costumes for women seem to always come with the prefix of “Sexy [costume].”

Go to any costume shop and look at your choices for women’s costumes. Sexy nurse, sexy nun, sexy zombie, even sexy bee are all options. The choices for non-sexy costumes are few and far between.

A search for costumes on Amazon for example shows several costumes with the title of sexy in it, and overwhelmingly the costumes for women are closer to what one would find at Pricilla’s than at a haunted house.

It isn’t really much of a costume when the only difference between it and your lingerie is that you put on some bunny ears.

The opposite is not true for men. Costume stores are full of superheroes, monsters and a variety of other ghoulish creations for men. While females have their choice of superheroes, it isn’t difficult to notice that they all wear tighter or less clothing than their leotard-wearing counterparts.

As a male I feel like I don’t have a right to complain, because I feel that others look at me like this isn’t my battle. 

That said, I feel a line has to be drawn when we have a sexy version of a pregnant Raggedy Ann doll being sold. Some things shouldn’t be able to have the sexy adjective added to it.