SGA takes stand against Trump’s travel ban


Hannah Roberts

The SGA senators listen to the cabinet during the SGA meeting on Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday night, Student Government Association unanimously passed a resolution standing in solidarity with students affected by President Trump’s recent travel ban.

The ban, blocking travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries as well as temporarily halting the Refugee Admissions Program, has already sparked intense backlash on campus, manifesting in a recent peace protest at the RSC.

The resolution passed Wednesday night declared international students are welcome at Wichita State. Additionally, it stated SGA “refuses to label these students as terrorists or aliens.”

During debate, several senators delivered passionate speeches in favor of the resolution and in opposition to President Trump’s executive order.

“The rhetoric, policies and actions of the current United States President are filled with hate and ignorance — a dangerous combination for those affected,” Sen. Ian Englebright said.

Regardless of his personal beliefs, he felt the resolution merited support from both sides of the aisle.

“This resolution isn’t meant to be a political statement. It’s about standing up for what’s right and standing up for the students we represent,” Englebright said.

In another speech, Sen. Kenon Brinkley stressed the importance of SGA action.

“There are senators who feel as though our resolutions that stand in solidarity with disadvantaged communities are a waste of time — as though we as senators aren’t supposed to represent students’ voices,” Brinkley said.

The resolution cited overwhelming student and faculty support for the recent peace protest as reason enough to take official action.

“As an association that represents students, it should be our sole responsibility to make sure that their interests and needs are being addressed,” Englebright said.

Student Body President Joseph Shepard was pleased by the unanimous vote to pass the resolution.

“I think that our senate spoke out tonight and said, regardless of where we stand politically or ideologically, we are a nation of opportunity and we want our Shocker students to receive an education and not be impacted by an executive order that will hinder them,” Shepard said.