WSU granted accredidation

Wichita State has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1927 and is up for reaffirmation every 10 years. WSU was approved for continued accreditation again this month.

“Any university in the United States that receives federal financial aid, which is all universities and colleges, have to be accredited,” said Richard Muma, Senior Associate Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management.

The commission examines five criteria areas including the mission of the university, the ethical and responsible conduct of the university, the quality, resources and support provided to students, the evaluation and improvement of the university’s efforts, and the resources and planning for institutional effectiveness, according to the HLC website.

Muma said preparations for the evaluation by the commission began four years ago and involved individuals from all colleges and divisions at WSU.

Wichita State President John Bardo said the continued accreditation is a positive factor for students, faculty and staff.

“Reaffirmation of the university’s accreditation demonstrates our commitment to a quality educational experience for our students,” Bardo said in a statement. “It’s also a verification that our vision, mission and core values are aligned with the actual direction of the university. None of the this would be possible without the support of all of our excellent faculty, staff and students.”

Muma said the commission did not make any recommendations for the university other than that WSU be reaffirmed.

“There was no recommendation for any follow-up or reevaluation between now and 2026-2027 when we’ll be visited again,” Muma said.