SGA passes resolution to increase students’ game day parking options

Last week, the Student Government Association passed a resolution asking the university administration to open up additional parking lots to students on the day of men’s basketball games.

The current Wichita State policy prohibits students from being parked in certain lots near Charles Koch Arena hours in advance of games at the threat of receiving a parking ticket.

Senior Mercedes Lubbers, who drafted the resolution and presented it to the SGA, considers the policy of restricted parking as unfair to students who pay money for parking passes each semester—especially when there are faculty lots that could be opened to students in special circumstances.

“For commuter students or students who work on campus especially, you either have to take time out of your day to move your car and potentially be late for class or get a ticket,” she said.

Lubbers received a parking ticket and after going through the appeals process decided to see if other students are as frustrated with the system.

“I posted on Facebook to see if it was a problem for other students, and so many people said it was and that they supported me,” Lubbers said.

SGA passed the resolution unanimously.

The question now is whether or not the administration will be receptive to changing its policy.

“I think the administration might not see the issue from the students’ point of view,” Lubbers said. “They might say that the new parking garage will alleviate the problem, but I’m skeptical that it will, and it won’t even be completed before the end of the school year.”

Student Body Vice President Taben Azad shares Lubbers’ skepticism.

“From years past, it’s somewhat clear that the administration doesn’t always take into account as many students as they should,” Azad said.

The SGA is working toward addressing the issue in front of students and administration alike.

“We want to hold a town hall and are expecting members of the university who control policies on parking to attend,” Azad said. “This would offer students an opportunity to come together and voice their frustrations and hopefully work together to find that common ground.”

A time has not yet been set for the town hall meeting, but the resolution has certainly got people talking. Lubbers was the first student from outside of the SGA to draft a resolution and see it through its passage this session.

“I would urge people that if you have a problem, you need to voice it,” Lubbers said.