Texts reveal SGA presidential candidate’s involvement in ‘what in tarnation’ meme



Anonymous screenshots sent to The Sunflower show SGA presidential candidate Tracia Bañuelos receiving an image of a “what in tarnation” meme — mocking Veteran Sen. Dan Corrieri — from an anonymous source. In her response Bañuelos said, “Lmao dtf made that.”

Bañuelos is the head of the Diversity Task Force. Bañuelos first said over text she cannot confirm the Diversity Task Force made the meme, then stated someone not in the Diversity Task Force sent the meme.

The meme is captioned “what in point of information.” During the last SGA meeting, Corrieri called for point of information multiple times meaning Corrieri meant to draw attention to a rules violation in a meeting of a deliberative assembly in response to activist group We the Students taking the podium to declare the no-confidence in President John Bardo resolution. It was later found out the meeting’s interruption was known and approved by Vice President Taben Azad, now suspended from his position.

Student Body President Joseph Shepard said to his understanding the Diversity Task Force did not create the meme. He said he and administration are “working to handle the situation accordingly.”