Keep your themed wedding from looking like a glorified children’s party


Themed weddings are hit or miss.

After watching endless episodes of “Four Weddings,” I’ve seen it all: the good, the bad and the very ugly when it comes to a themed wedding.

I’ve seen some pretty broad themes from vintage, to beachy, to rustic, to whimsical. These themes are the easiest to pull off due to the endless possibilities within such a broad topic. Having more of an open-ended idea for a wedding leaves the wedding party to have more room to work with.

If you’re thinking of having a theme but do not want to ruin it with inconsistency or cheesiness, my advice would be to stick to a simple, broad theme.

Specific themed weddings are where it gets tricky. There are two major mistakes that can make or break your wedding, and they are on the exact opposite sides of the spectrum.

If you want to do a themed wedding, consistency is key. You can keep things consistent by ordering things from the same company, using the same font and style all around and incorporating the theme evenly throughout the wedding.

Evenly incorporating the theme can be done by not just having the theme be seen just in the reception, but the invitations, ceremony, and the venue itself. The theme doesn’t need to be completely prominent, it can just be slight things that hint towards the overall theme.

A mistake making themed wedding a nightmare is overkill.

So often people think you have to have everything correspond with the theme that they go completely overboard. In those particular cases, the wedding turns into a glorified children’s birthday party.

Keep things simple.

If the centerpieces accentuate the theme in a standout way, make the table decorations more low key so it balances out.

A subtle  new way to give your wedding a theme started popping up is coming up with a creative hashtag for the guests to post their experience under. A lot of the hashtags have the last name of the couple in a smart and witty way.

I am personally a fan of using a hashtag to bring your guests and their posts together.

By using the hashtag on social media, guests are allowed to interact with each other and see what other people are saying and posting about the wedding.

Any type of themed wedding can seem like walking on eggshells, but staying consistent while not going overboard can make any theme a total hit.