The Sunflower Medallion hunt clues explained


Brian Hayes

The Sunflower Medallion was between this rock and the brick wall. Pine needles covered it.


Welcome, hunters, to The Sunflower’s first hide.

Follow the rules and stay on the right side.

Each day’s clue is another part of the story.

Find the medallion and win all the glory.



The important things here are “hide” and “right side.” The Medallion was hidden, not in plain sight. If you walked up the stairs next to Wiedemann Hall, the medallion would be on your right side.



Bojangles’s cellmate said his mother made him what it is.

Fabo said the entree’s not as good without it, ask Wiz.

You’ll be in a cold cold place, if you believe old Neil.

You’ll believe on this one, if you’re a friend of Bill.



Jerry Jeff Walker, who wrote Mr. Bojangles based on his experiences with a cellmate, in his song “Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother” sang his mother made him “up against the wall. The medallion was up against the wall. Rapper Fabolus, in his song “Can’t let you go,” said “The entrée’s not as good without something on the side,” Wiz Khalifa is also famous for getting “something on the side.” The medallion was on the side of Wiedemann Hall. Neil Diamond’s “Love on the Rocks” says love on the rocks is a cold place. The medallion was in the rocks. “A friend of Bill” is an attendee of Alcoholics Anonymous. The second step of the 12-step program is the only step that mentions belief. The medallion was on the second step outside of Wiedemann Hall.



Like it fell from his tree, then add an m.

Close to a lyrical genius, shady but not Slim.

It’s somewhere between a year and a book.

If you follow the clues, you’ll know where to look.



The medallion was located near a tree dedicated to Arthur Fromm (from, add an m), a sculpture called “Genius,” which features a man playing a lyre (lyrical genius). It was directly between to manhole covers with the year 1984 on them (a year and a book).



The fourth of the clues should be a breeze.

If you look between the broken and working keys.

Holler “Hands off!” and hear her holler back.

Follow her voice, and you’ll be on the right track.



The broken keys and working keys are “Accord Final,” a sculpture of a broken grand piano between Deurksen Fine Arts Center and Wiedemann Hall (broken keys) and the organ located in Wiedemann Hall (working keys). The “Echoing Spot” between Morrison Hall and Deurksen leads directly to the medallion, if you take the path to the right.



You’ll find it with love, lizards, and whisky.

But in a canoe it can be pretty risky.

You have to know to win:

What goes with cotton, vinyl, and skin?



The first two lines point to rocks. The medallion was hidden between the wall and rocks. The second two lines point to needles. The medallion was hidden under pine needles.



Some of these clues have been off the wall.

Why’s it so hard to find something so small?

The whole thing seems staged.

Look for it near where the big pipes play.



This clue again pointed to the wall, where the medallion was nestled. “Staged” points to the amphitheater behind Deurksen. The medallion was on the outside of the building where the The Great Marcussen Organ is housed.