Special delivery: Pizza Hut cofounder visits campus for building relocation


Matt Crow

Gayla Carney and Dan Carney watch was the original Pizza Hut is moved from to the innovation campus.

Pizza Hut cofounder Dan Carney and his family were on hand Monday to watch the original Pizza Hut building’s relocation by trailer to its new home on Innovation Campus.

Dan Carney’s daughter, Karen Carney, said the old building brought back warm memories.

“It was jogging all those memories of my childhood, of my family — not so much of eating pizza,” Karen Carney said. “People think it’s about eating pizza but it’s more about family and going to Dad’s office on Saturdays and seeing the pizza dough being made.”

Karen Carney said she was excited to see the building be converted into a museum.

“I’m excited they’re going to put that original roof back on it,” Karen Carney said.

Dan Carney is donating memorabilia from the original Pizza Hut to the museum.

Matt Crow
Monroe Becker, owner of Unruh House Moving Inc. prepares the trailer with original Pizza Hut building as its moved to its permanent home on Wichita State’s campus. (Sept. 18, 2017)