Harpel: ‘Free food is good food’

SGA senator hopes to spread her love of food to those in need.


Joseph Barringhaus

At-large senator Holly Harpel is a self-proclaimed foodie.

At-large senator Holly Harpel is a self-proclaimed foodie. In fact, she even runs an Instagram page dedicated to pictures and reviews of meals from local restaurants.

The page, called “Big Foodie Judy of ICT,” has amassed 81 reviews, covering the best of Kansas from “A” — Albero Cafe, whose fettucine alfredo Harpel said surpassed her expectations — to “Z” — Ziggy’s Pizza, which she said is one of her favorites — and every bite in between.

“I love every restaurant,” Harpel said.

In keeping with her love for food, Harpel, a sophomore double-majoring in international studies and health service management and community development, serves on SGA’s Shocker Support Locker Committee. The support locker, located in Grace Wilkie Hall 103, provides a variety of food items, sanitary products, and toiletries to students in need.

“I personally want to work on removing the stigma of receiving free food,” Harpel said. “Because free food is good food.”

“I want students to realize that if you need something, you need it, and there are resources provided here.”

Harpel said she plans to host an open house in Nov. to introduce students to the support locker.

This is Harpel’s first year at Wichita State. She spent her freshman year at the University of Kansas.

“It was kind of like starting all over again,” Harpel said.

She said that, while transferring does have its disadvantages, her involvement in various student groups has made the transition smooth.

“I have also found that the people here are very genuine, hardworking people, and I totally appreciate that,” Harpel said.

“I am very excited to meet more people and to have more great college experiences in the Shocker community.”