Underdog club soccer team dreams big


Selena Favela

Soccer club president Umair Zoumy plays soccer against K-State at the Metroplex.

The Wichita State Soccer Club finished its fall season Friday with a home loss to Kansas State, but club president Umair Zoumy said the team is used to being the underdog.

“Our team is the smallest team out here,” Zoumy said. “The amount of equipment and everything that other teams have, we can’t even compare.”

Zoumy said that what the team lacks in size and equipment, they make up for in commitment.

“We still pose a threat with the amount of commitment,” Zoumy said. “I feel like commitment is way better than any other thing.”

Despite the difficulties that come with being a small club team, Zoumy said he has high hopes for the future.

“If I do come back to the university — maybe three, four, or five years from now — I want to see that the club has reached a rank that I have only imagined. I would be really proud.”

The club currently competes in fall matches against K-State, Kansas, Creighton, and Missouri Western, along with a spring tournament hosted by K-State.

“That tournament is pretty big,” Zoumy said. “We have teams from all states come there. It’s pretty nice to compete with them.”

Zoumy said he hopes to add more matches and tournaments to the schedule in the future.

“I want to get up to a higher tier so that we can get enough funding to go to tournaments during the fall and spring,” Zoumy said.

“Hopefully we can come out with a home tournament and bring all sorts of teams over here.”

He said advertising is the key to improving the club.

“It’s all about getting the word out there,” Zoumy said.

“There are plenty of students that like soccer but they do not know that there is a club here. I want every student on campus to know that there is a soccer club.”