SGA moves to combat rising textbook prices


Brian Hayes

You have them. Read them.

The Student Government Association is taking steps to combat the rising cost of textbooks at Wichita State.

Student Body President, Paige Hungate, said Wednesday that professors contribute to the risings costs when they fail to submit their textbook selections in a timely manner.

The student senate unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday urging the university to reconsider its policy on textbook submissions. The bill suggests the addition of a section aimed to hold professors accountable for meeting the deadline.

The student senate doesn’t have authority to change university policy, so the resolution — which will be forwarded to members of the university administration — only serves as a suggestion.

Hungate said that only 30 percent of professors submitted their selections by the Oct. 1 deadline.

“A lot of people don’t even submit them at all,” Hungate said.

Hungate said that the bookstore is forced to pay a higher price for the textbooks when professors are late to submit their selections.

“The bookstore is not going to be able to order the textbooks at a cheaper rate because they didn’t get it by the deadline,” Hungate said.

Hungate said that professors need to be coerced to meet the deadline.

“We want there to be some sort of penalty for a professor not meeting the deadline,” Hungate said.

Hungate said that a change in policy would allow students to purchase textbooks at a cheaper rate.

“It will be better for everybody,” Hungate said.