SGA votes to remove required presidential approval from bylaw changes — awaiting president’s approval


Selena Favela

Senators listen as officer reports are given Wednesday evening during the SGA meeting.

The Student Senate approved a bill that would remove a constitutional requirement for President John Bardo’s signature on bills amending student government bylaws.

Kylen Lawless, SGA chief of operations and co-author of the bill, said Wednesday evening that removing the requirement for the president’s signature was meant to correct a “fallacy” in the legislative journal.

“President Bardo, or his designee, has to approve changes in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Statutes,” Lawless said.

This means that a signature from President Bardo or, more likely, Vice President of Student Affairs Teri Hall (Bardo’s designee) will be required in order to finalize the bill.

“In the constitution, it says that the president of the university only needs to sign statutes,” Lawless said. “Down later in some other statutes, it says that [the president] is going to sign changes to bylaws and statutes.”

Lawless described statutes as an “external representation of the association,” and the bylaws as rules for how SGA runs its meeting.

Other campus organizations are required to have the university president’s approval to change their bylaws.