Student senate calls for longer Thanksgiving Break


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The Wichita State Student Government Association passed a resolution Wednesday recommending an extension to Thanksgiving break.

There are currently two breaks in the fall — a two-day break in October and an extended weekend break for Thanksgiving. The student senate recommended getting rid of the break in October and making Thanksgiving break one week long.

The resolution itself will not affect the current break schedule — SGA has no control over WSU’s academic schedule. Student Body President Paige Hungate said the resolution will likely be passed on to the Faculty Senate for further discussion.

Shelby Rowell, who presented the bill to the senate, said the recommendation reflects the will of the student body.

The student senate sent out a survey to 4,600 students. Of those who responded, 56 percent said they would prefer an extended Thanksgiving Break, 28 percent would prefer no change, and 16 percent had no preference. The survey had a margin of error of plus-or-minus five percent.

Kenon Brinkley, a liberal arts and sciences senator, urged senators to vote in favor of the resolution, regardless of personal preference.

“You’re supposed to reflect the will of the students you represent,” Brinkley told senators before the vote.

Stella Yang, a liberal arts and sciences senator, said she was against the bill because the current break schedule aligns with other schools in the area.

“I believe most of the colleges that are surrounding us have their breaks just like this as well and a lot of people want to meet up with their friends during the break, that go to other colleges,” Yang said.

The University of Kansas and Emporia State University have two-day breaks in October in addition to Thanksgiving break, similar to WSU’s current schedule. Kansas State University and Fort Hays State University have week-long Thanksgiving breaks, similar to the recommended schedule.

The resolution passed with 25 votes in favor, seven votes against, and two abstentions.