‘Revival’ is the only ticket for upcoming SGA elections



Senators Kenon Brinkley and Shelby Rowell’s logo for their campaign ticket “Revival.”

Student Government Senators Kenon Brinkley and Shelby Rowell announced Wednesday their candidacy for the 2018 SGA General Election. Their campaign ticket — titled “Revival” — is the only one filed for the upcoming elections.

As the leaders of Revival, Brinkley is running for the position of Student Body President, and Rowell is running for Student Body Vice President. Both candidates currently serve as Liberal Arts and Sciences Senators for SGA’s 60th session.

Both Brinkley and Rowell were unavailable for comment Wednesday night.

According to their website, there are also 38 Senators running on the Revival ticket. More than half of whom are not currently serving on the 60th session.

A town hall meeting will be held on Friday, March 30th to allow students to question SGA candidates about issues and their platform. Voting for the SGA General Election opens on the following Monday, April 2nd.