Guide to campus coffee

A breakdown of the five coffee shops on and around campus.


Selena Favela

Fairmount Coffee Co is located on 17th St across from campus.

In two years, the Wichita State community has seen four coffee shops pop up on and within walking distance of campus. This is your guide to the campus coffee craze.

Fairmount Coffee Co.

Location: Just south of campus, across 17th street.

What makes it stand out? The Lutheran Student Center converted its space into a coffee shop, study space, and hangout spot aimed at WSU students. They also serve paninis, salads, and baked goods. And you might catch a live music act while you’re there.

Credo Coffee

Location: Basement of the Newman Center/St. Paul Catholic Student Center on the south end of campus.

What makes it stand out? Credo sells some reasonably-priced coffee. The space is also unique in that it includes a pool table and generous study space while still being on campus.

The Groundhouse

Location: Attached to the dining hall in Shocker Hall.

What makes it stand out? The Groundhouse is located conveniently near several lecture halls on the northern side of campus, making it a good place to pick up a quick cup of coffee in between classes. The Groundhouse also has a mini convenience store inside that sells chips, granola bars, pre-packaged sandwiches, salads, and more.

Starbucks — Rhatigan Student Center

Location: The newest campus Starbucks stands where Fast Break once did on the first floor of the Rhatigan Student Center.

What makes it stand out? It’s located in the heart of campus. The Rhatigan Student Center location means you can grab a cup of coffee while having lunch at any of the fast-food restaurants in the RSC.

Starbucks — Innovation Campus

Location: The stand-alone Starbucks is located on Innovation Campus in the up-and-coming Braeburn Square on the east edge of campus.

What makes it stand out? Touted as the largest Starbucks in the state of Kansas, this Starbucks features large tables and plenty of room for studying. This is a good place to go if you need a break from the main campus, since Innovation Campus is a little ways from where most students take classes.