Wichita City Councilmen talk importance of voting for students


Wichita City Councilmen James Clendenin and Brandon Johnson spoke to a handful of students in the Rhatigan Student Center Friday about why it is important to vote.

Clendenin said citizens should vote in local elections if they want city councils and county commission boards to represent their interests. Clendenin stated that, “whether the decisions are right or not,” most “politicians make decisions based on the areas that are actually going to vote.”

Johnson elaborated on why students in particular should vote.

“People are making decisions for the next 30 or 40 years” right now that affect young people. He said students must be heard and have a seat at the table in decision-making.

Johnson spoke about Wichita’s aquatics plan, which he has tried to engage elementary and middle school students on to get their opinions. The Wichita City Council will have to make an upcoming decision on whether to “build water parks or keep swimming pools,” he said. Johnson said he wants younger citizens who regularly go swimming to give their input on this decision before the city council votes.

Both councilmen stuck around the student center to answer questions and talk to students.

Clendenin represents Wichita’s Third District on the city council and Johnson represents Wichita’s First District. Wichita State is located in the First District.